ResponseSource.de is discontinued

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Dear journalists, respondents and users of ResponseSource.de,

The German research service ResponseSource.de will be discontinued on October 31, 2019 .

This decision was not an easy one for us, but it became unavoidable. When ResponseSource.de was launched six years ago, we were the first comparable platform in the DA-CH region that allowed journalists from all subject areas to send free inquiries to technical and communication experts. The German branch of our inquiry and research tool, which remained free of charge throughout, was unfortunately never as popular as our English and French platforms.

We would like to thank all of our inquirers, journalists and bloggers from the bottom of our hearts, who used our platform for their research and who gave us their trust. It was an honor for us to connect you with relevant information and interview partners and to advance your research. We would also like to thank all experts, companies and communicators who signed up as respondents to support journalists in their research. We hope that you have made some good contacts over the past six years and that you have found our service to be a helpful tool.

All accounts and data of our users will be completely deleted from our servers in accordance with current data protection regulations. This will be done automatically and without exception, you do not need to submit a separate request for deletion.

If you would like to continue to use our English and French service, please visit our respective websites:



Thank you and good bye!

Dear journalists, subscribers and users of ResponseSource.de,

ResponseSource.de, the German journalist inquiry service, will permanently close on 31 October 2019 .

This decision wasn’t taken lightly but has become nonetheless unavoidable. When ResponseSource launched in Germany six years ago, we were the first comparable platform on the market, which allowed journalists from all sectors, to send free research inquiries to experts and communications professionals. Our German service, which remained free of charge, unfortunately never experienced the same success and popularity as our English and French counterparts.

With all our hearts we want to thank all the journalists, bloggers and media people who used our service and gave us their trust. It was an honor to put you in touch with relevant insights and contacts for your research and articles. We also wholeheartedly thank all the companies, trade and communications experts who signed up to receive inquiries and help journalists with their research. We hope that over the last six years you’ve been able to make some valuable contacts and experienced the inquiry service as a helpful tool.

All accounts and personal data of our users will be erased from our servers according to current data protection laws. This will be carried out automatically and without exception, there is no need to make a separate data deletion request.

In case you’d like to use our English and French journalist inquiry services in the future, please visit our dedicated websites: