Types of Freelance Writers

freelance writer

A freelance writer is someone who offers independent or independent writing services to more than one client and is paid per writing assignment. These types of freelance writers vary depending on the content they write and develop. Here are the types of freelance writers you need to know,

  • Technical writers are writers who are used to writing manual book content for the use of hardware, software and electronic products. In this genre of writing, they will usually explain a lot about product descriptions, usage procedures and common terms contained in the devices used.
  • A ghostwriter is a person who writes for other people and is unknown, for which others will get credit for the writing. Ghostwriters usually work on article content, blogs, and books. Sometimes several famous artists or figures hire the services of a ghostwriter to write their autobiography.
  • Web content writers are the third type of freelance writer that you need to know. Usually they write content for company websites, blogs, and social media. The company’s goal of hiring a content writer is to drive traffic to the site in order to increase traffic or so that users are interested in buying products on the site.

Apart from being able to write, another skill needed from a content writer is knowledge about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can also explore this content writer skill through the following review.

  • Copywriter. Maybe for some digital writers the term copywriter is already familiar. They will mostly work on commercial content such as advertisements that will later be posted on websites or social media channels. The writing made by the copywriter must be persuasive so that it makes the user feel directed to make a product purchase. Some of the skills needed to become a copywriter are creative, have a curious soul, and understand the user experience.
  • Business writer. This is a type of freelance writer whose job is to write pamphlets, business proposals, articles, reports, to white papers.

Freelance journalists are generally needed by media companies to keep getting information from the regions. Limited human resources make it difficult for information to be obtained by the media at the center. Therefore, freelance journalists or contributors are needed to assist the reporting process