The Story of the Ukrainian Ambassador’s Child Refugees with Indonesian Citizens


Varvara arrived in Jakarta on March 13 with the Indonesian citizens who had been evacuated. He admitted that he went through a long process before arriving in the country where his father worked.

“The evacuation was really long because we had to go through Kyiv to Lviv first, and normally the distance is six hours but we were on the road for 20 hours. Yes you know the traffic jam, lots of people,” said Varvara.

According to him, Indonesian citizens in Ukraine helped a lot with the evacuation. Varvara also expressed her gratitude, because it meant a lot to her and her younger brother who took part.

Varvara also revealed the moments of leaving the country of her birth.

“Actually it was like I was in water. I didn’t hear any noises, and I don’t know what I was thinking because it was my home and I left my family. It was very heavy and painful of course,” he said.

While in Ukraine, Varvara often posted videos on social media, in which she recounted the situation in her country and Russia’s actions.

While in Indonesia, he did the same thing. Varvara re-uploaded the information on her Instagram account. This method is considered a form of his campaign against Russia’s crimes.

Varvara also regrets that Indonesia cannot hold demonstrations.


“I also can’t protest in Indonesia because it’s considered a crime if you are a foreigner taking to the streets. So I’m just waiting for my account to recover,” he said.

In other parts of the world, many countries have protested against the Russian invasion. But in Indonesia, according to him, many people do not believe in the war in Ukraine.

However, Varvara can’t blame them for being influenced by years of Russian propaganda.

“I think people should analyze the information. That is. Because Ukraine is not very far from Indonesia, we are on the same planet, and we cannot turn a blind eye when children are killed,” he explained.

He then continued, “We don’t have to be silent. We don’t have to close our eyes, because things do happen. We have to scream, shout about it, scream as loud as we can because a lot of people don’t have a chance to talk anymore.